What is the Reach Foundation?

The Reach™ Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to inspiring hope in those who are less fortunate.  We believe that our success is a direct result of the opportunities presented to us throughout our lives.  As a result, we feel obligated to provide others with life changing opportunities for success.

The Reach™ Foundation is supported through the resources (time and money) of members of the Reach Leadership Series and their extended networks.

The success of the Reach™ Foundation is directly related to our ability to change the way that successful entrepreneurs and business professionals view the giving of their resources. Our experience has clearly demonstrated that before we can persuade the most successful and driven members of our community to give, we need to help change their priorities.

We believe that the most effective strategy for changing priorities has 3 key components:

  • Community – In today’s fast paced business society, most successful entrepreneurs don’t take the time to build meaningful relationships with others based on shared values and goals.  The supporters of the Reach™ Foundation are leaders who are committed to building these types of relationships.  In addition, the foundation will foster this community though regular events and an online forum that encourages frequent collaboration.
  • Exposure – The closest most entrepreneurs get to philanthropy is a black tie event or an online solicitation.  The Reach™ Foundation provides our supporters with a unique opportunity to interact with those organizations we support.  We believe that providing this up close and personal experience is critical to changing behavior.
  • Follow UpThe Reach™ Foundation will provide a simple mechanism for helping our members understand how their stewardship is making an amazing difference in the lives of others.